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Welcome to Foshan!
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Foshan economy

Foshan is the important goods collecting and distributing centre of the South of our country in history, after reform and opening-up, trade and business grow vigorously , It is already to form network both at home and abroad, which spread all over in urban and rural areas , radiation many composition , multi-level and multi-channel , multi-form commercial circulation.
In 2002 year, the total volume of retail sales of the social consumer goods in the whole city is 41,925 million yuan.The whole city has all kinds of 422 markets, 379 markets of means of livelihood, 43 means of production among them.
Foshan is the first foreign trade of the whole country exports the commodity production base. Reform and opening-up over the past 20 years, Foshan is given the advantage of located in coastally and near Hong Kong and Macro, developing external trade in a more cost-effective manner, the foreign export rises year by year, utilize the foreign capitals to expand constantly, have formed the omni-directional , multi-level , wide-ranging pattern opening to the outside world progressively . The foreign-investment enterprise is playing an important role in the economic development of the city of Foshan.
The economic base of Foshan is rich, industry is a main component of the economy of Foshan at present. The total industrial output value of the whole city was 268,789 million yuan in 2002. Through reforming for many years , adjustment and development, Foshan has already set up and had modernized technical equipment , industrial system with considerable scale progressively , have formed leading industry group with textile , electron, pottery, plastics , electric apparatus , building materials , food beverage , machinery ,etc. and develop towards export-oriented , scientific and technological type, seriation , grouping progressively of backbone trade. There are about 30,000 industrial enterprises in all in Foshan at present, the output value ultra a hundred million yuan reach 276,beyond reaching 1 billion yuan reach 12 among them. In recent years, The thinking of develop new high-tech industry and utilize new and high technology transform traditional development of industry have make the obvious effect of Foshan, cultivate the points of economic increase of such a batch of new and high technology as electronic information , new material , bioengineering , optical, mechanical and electronic integration , industry intelligent robot ,etc. There are 119 new high-tech enterprises now in the whole city, 442 new high-tech products, The output value of new high-tech product accounts for 12.3 proportion of total industrial output value. Foshan has the high and new technology industrial development zone with national level, mainly develop such integrated technology of photoelectricity as electron, information technology , electric apparatus , instrument and apparatus and medical equipment, such industries as medicine and biotechnology , the plastics and fine chemistry industry and so on. There are entering areas in all 53 enterprises at present, the technology of many projects has already been in the domestic and international advanced level . National medical apparatus industrial base and the South China Sea information industrial base of Foshan have already begun to take shape. Agricultural production is developed steadily. It is estimated that finishes the gross output value of 14,789 million yuan of the whole city in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery , increase by 4.1 , among them, the agricultural output value costs 5,252 million yuan, increase by 6.5; The output value of forestry costs 31 million yuan, increase by 5.1; The output value of animal husbandry costs 3,127 million yuan, increase by 3.5; The output value of fishery costs 6,379 million yuan, increase by 3.0. The per capita net income of peasants is 6603 yuan, increase by 5.0.
Foshan is one of the areas which excessive growth in economic , great in total supply and demand , with strong comprehensive strength of Guangdong Province,in 2004, the gross domestic product in Foshan is 165,370 million yuan (200 hundred million dollars), increase by 16.3 compared with the same period of last year, per capita gross domestic product 47,500 (5743 dollars, calculated by population of the household register), increase by 14.5 compared with the same period of last year. It is the supreme increasing degree since 1997. Industry contribution rate in GDP up to 65.8 among them, spur the whole city increase in GDP 10.6 percentage point, The economic growth play a key role in the whole city. Foshan adjoins Guangzhou, thus enable Foshan to fully accept the radiation and drive of Guangzhou , share traffic network resource , resource of the financial capital , talent resources and information resources with Guangzhou, realize the industry links and has complementary functions , accelerates the integration of regional economics and urbanization process, structure " wide Guang-Fo city encloses ".
The society every undertaking makes considerable progress, successively got multiple honor of " the national sanitary city ", " national garden city " , " the whole country pair gather around exemplary city " , " revitalize the province through science and education advanced city while being national " and the United Nations " mankind outstanding example of living in "etc. At the end of the eighties, Foshan became one of 14 cities of took the lead in entering well-to-do level of the whole country. Listed in national urban comprehensive strength 50 tops in 1992 by the centre of appraisal of China. Foshan has already become national urban comprehensive strength 50 tops nowadays.

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