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Welcome to Foshan!
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The Festival celebration of Foshan

>>Autumn scenery
Autumn scenery have another name of " night of autumn ", " autumnal scenery ", is the unique large-scale folk cultural and recreational activity of Foshan. Autumn scenery more hold in autumn harvest in season, display formal to divide into light color , car color , horse color , ground color , water color , float color , scenery seven big class in the past. Develop Yongle Year of Ming Dynasty, of different fineness handicraft, through the form of the parade, perform dance dragon , dance lion , ten times , gongs and drums cupboard ,etc. and add to the fun , let the masses view and admire and appraise through discussion. Year after year, skill is more and more superb , larger and larger.

>>Annual Spring and flower market
" Xinghua street " is the custom among the people of Zhujiang River Delta along for a long time. The flower market holds on the third days before the Spring Festival, it is the climax of the flower market late on New Year's Eve, a sea of people, watertight, visitors buy flowers, reside and show the good luck , ride on the crest of success .

Annual 16 of the first month , Foshan people all have a piece of folkways and customs to " Xingjitong". Say the south of Foshan have the river of Tongji near the Nanpu park today , there is a bridge that shouts and " helps the bridge openly " at the river. Foshan people think" Xingjitong , have fraud " (whether Foshan dialect, it is to mean no sorrow ). now have no river, the bridge still here, every year now, people all go here to pass by the bridge, burn joss sticks, throw the romaine lettuce and transfer to the windmill , the stream of people is in an endless stream, very lively.

>>During the Dragon Boat
Festival of annual dragon-boat racing, Foshan all parts have non-governmental dragon boat race , every township and village send dragon boat team , battle array of great prosperity to participate in the race. The beautiful and striking dragon boat endeavors to gain the upper hand on the network of waterways of the land of rivers and lakes, two sides are packed with the audience, gongs and drums sound , shout loudly rise one after another , lively and outstanding.

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