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Welcome to Foshan!
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Foshan Cuisine

Characteristic food of Foshan

>>The queen milk of one pair of covers
Foshan queen's delicatessen makes it is listed on board that " the second China famous snack was asserted in 2000 ". Raw materials are local water milk, high-quality white sugar, fresh albumen etc., the materials chosen are strict , The manufacture is fastidious, the craft is exquisite, The hygienic request is high, have proverb " queen a pair of covers milk , the crown prince can not take badly " saying.

>>Crystal dumpling in the Jinyuan wineshop
The main raw materials are the meat of Fragrant-flowered garlic, fresh sweet bamboo shoot, the sharp is beautiful, crystal clear is insightful, the mouthfeel is comfortable and delicious, contains higher nutrition. This snack can be seen in Jinyuan wineshop and Shanzi take-out restaurant in good fortune.

>>Fennin white sugar cotton cake
It is Fennin cuisine variety street that explore this shop liberation " Guangji " traditional snack of trifle. then perform after innovate excavates.
Main raw materials is choose carefully rice rub thick liquid, ride white sugar to make by traditional method to adopt. Cotton cake have another name called Dafasong for celebrate the New Year , Is Foshan person's necessary food.

>>Yingji Yuntun noodles
Foshan Yingji Yuntun noodles firstly appear to 1936. Whom this shop make Yuntun noodles with fresh shrimp soup , It is famous for the flavor unique on soup, the fresh shrimp Yuntun, the egg noodles . Its manufacture continues to use the tradition to shoulder the method skillful system, noodles toughness even , The strip thick thin is moderate, it is smooth when enter the mouth, the fragrant of the egg is strong , famous provincial Hong Kong and Macro, and has already been written into the commercial will of Foshan and travel magazine.

>>Sweet bamboo shoot steamed cake in Jinyuan wineshop
This snack steam with fresh sweet bamboo shoot for main material familiar, getting green environmental protection food, contain higher nutrition, bright and lustrous, less sugar, low fat, the mouthfeel is good.

>>Dakeyi" champion gruel "
"Dakeyi" signboard had a history of 69 years from today. Signboard snack of champion gruel improved before the foundation of the state which according to famous county lever champion gruel manufacture method , create flavor unique Dakeyi champion gruel. It is liked by the customers for material fresh to smooth ,gruel bottom fragrant silk floss.

>>Nine layers of cakes in Foshan
Foshan , the South China Sea bring folk joyous festival, especially the Spring Festival, every family must cook nine layers of cakes , its' purpose that " permanent , gets promotion continuously " .Nine layers of cakes are a kind of sweet rice cake , workmanship is exquisite . Soak into with the rice among the people, wear into the soaked bean-noodles with the stone , mix into the thick liquid, add syrup, set one thin powder with copper tray, heat and steam ripe, then chase layer and add powder to the ninth Floor. It is well arranged to steam nine layers of ripe cakes , slip soft and delicious. Some people still mix with the food coloring, each layer is red and white , very goodlooking.

>>Foshan ZhuHou sauce
ZhuHou sauce, color fresh and delicious , fragrant and sweet is moderate, there is fragrant Zhi smell, the ones that have a distinctive flavour merchantable brand. For over 100 years, ZhuHou sauce become one of the most characteristic food batching in Foshan, known far and wide, praise deeply by the people.

>>Dexinzhai win grips pig hoof
Mention Dexinzhai win grips pig hoof, eating people profuse in praise, the wine pig hoof is light and delightful, wake up but the stomach is oiliness; Pitch hoof skin fragile fragrant , fresh and sweet and delicious , take tooth stay fragrant to sew. Including it is convenient to eat , does not need to cook and steam , can eat to buy back home, so famous distance of more than 100 years spreads. Foshan people entertain guests at a banquet, besides by chicken decide dish, lay out a dish of wine pitch the hoof, can be regarded as very hospitable hospitality.

>>The silkworm chrysalis
It is commonly called as silkworm's worm, contain the abundant protein, it is one of the good and cheap cooked food. The area of Shuande , the South China Sea, the silk reeling industry is developed, the silkworm chrysalis is a by product after the silk reeling, besides selling to peasants and putting the fishpond and making fertilizer, the fresh silkworm chrysalis can also take food , often sell on the market .
Namely food: At the time of silk reeling, pull after having silking of silk cocoon taken cauldron on it is boiling water out, Bails out silkworm which the worms can eat, sweet and delicious. Silk reeling female worker work long hour before the foundation of the state, come out early and return late, It is not forbid to leave reeling machine to the street to buy titbits even hungry, It is have to take silkworm for eat after pull out of silk , but this can only take secretly , boss not allow workers to take silkworm worm to eat.
Fry silkworms: Dry by airing water silkworm worm , get up pan with oil , put silkworm worm into pan slow fire fry to the sallow namely food, very sweet and fragrant and delicious.
Stir-fry: after exploding with oil fragrant, Again joins in the vegetables to turn boils on then the small dish to eat.This is a kind of dish leading residents like to eating very much in Foshan. The silkworm already may fry with the fragrant-flowered garlic also may with the bamboo shoots, the green pepper, the yam bean grain fry, is together the color fragrance complete peasant family cooked food.
Silkworm's worm's sauce: to explode silkworm with oil by worm, wear into sauce by basin with sand and then, add salt, hot red pepper ,make the sauce at the end, take out while using the ware and holding to eat, can make the condiments which steam the pork , stir-fry , have a distinctive flavour

>>Cloud and mist tea in Xiqiao
This tea has already had a history of more than 1,000 years, having another name called " stepping on tea bitterly ", its leaf is greater than the ordinary tea, the color is pitch-black and shiny, as soon as the boiling water is washed and steeped, the whole leaf is opened , the color is light greenish blue, attack people's heart and lungs fragrantly, the astringent taste of the entry , but it is clear and right to aftertaste. It is plucked before sunrise ,therefore call the name. Visit the mountain of Xiqiao, use not leaf well water that make teaing , adds the graceful bearing even more.
Foshan characteristic snack
The Shunde chef's overall quality is high, everywhere has the trail of good food. Only the chicken has many kinds of different boils no matter what technique, a famous one have Nanju chicken in Nanqiao of Guizhou, Leliu mountain village's cut the capon in vain, bey 4 chicken in Shunfu dining room, even in recent years in Shuande,have choose ten gold dynasty sign famous food ,contain Daliang Pheasant puts the pot Pastes milk, Junan fried fish cakes , Shuande fish with bean curd ,The gold list milk fries the dragon shrimp ball, vegetables fries the water snake piece, the secret to make abalone. Bodhi on snow clothes, A product sea cucumber .Only listen to names , has already taught people how to slaver over.
Worth mentioning have snack of Shuande, such as Daliang pairs of leather milk , south milk peanut , south milk break out sand , Fengcheng ox milk , Longjiang Fries food, Lecong Lunjiao cake, it is known far and wide , praise by customers. Talking about Shuande Leliu, the customers of the restaurant of Hong Kong and Macro are well-known. According to the introduction of locals, Hong Kong customer of the restaurant reach Shuande , it is always on a special trip to drive to enter flow " Chicanjin " , two to three people sometimes,sometimes it is one whole travel party .
The soft to fry water snake slice is gold medal famous dish of Shuande:The color and luster of meat of snake is white, meat is comfortable and sweet not tough , delicious in taste. It is said , the water snake slice is not tough , the more important thing is fresh, , had better fry meat of snake promptly to get up, otherwise half an hour later, give a great discount in meat. Here fry sweet fish even special very much , because fry, so, the fish can keep certain moisture , taste very delicious, in addition, fried fish mouth , Shenggua fish's head soup, roasted geese are all the famous cuisine here

Collect north water snake gruel street
Shuande Longjiang collect Jibei, is the place that customers of Guangzhou and countryside looked for food which must reach,the signboard table delicacies here are water snake's gruel. Jibei water snake gruel on both sides of the gruel cuisine variety street, it is all water snake's gruel shops to slip away ; May well be termed the gruel city of water snake worthy of the name. The gruel shop has certain scale , the largest one can put forty or fifty and open the desk , for more than 500 people to have meal, having twenty or thirty desks too at least. According to the most early boiling water snake gruel shop boss introduction , water snake of here gruel it is often do promptly to order promptly, guest after selecting good snaking from the cage , send to kitchen boil promptly, buy how much water snake boil how much gruel customer at one's convenience. The snake here has three kinds of specifications , the snakes of different specifications differ by 5 to 10 yuan, there are other snakes available besides water snake. Gruel city have the powder , rape supply , can make mixture of salt and roast prickly ash into to be snake mediocre snake, burning snake ,etc.

Xiqiao pancake
Xiqiao pancake The pancake in Xiqiao moutain, has had a history of 300 years already, famous in far and near. Xiqiao pancake appearance round and heavy, the heavy one has 1 kilogram, generally weigh half a jin too, about 1/20 Kilogram cakes too. A little yellow in its whitecolor, it is not burnt, it is soft to enter the mouth, fragrant and sweet and slippery, it is dry unwittingly after eat the food, can be on par with sponge cake. Make course , choosing the best white flour, white sugar , lard , egg, mix Gan QuanShui on the mountain , in order to ferment , does into a cake, smoked in the stove .
In the period of Ming Hongzhi, When FangXianfu Holds the post as the Ministry of official personnel Affairs in feudal China's minister,4 get up one day, plan to use the breakfast, the material servant has not taken even after stalling for a long time. He reach kitchen see suddenly, servant late to get up too late to make the pastry cook. He saw it had already ferment good dough, show resourcefulness in an emergency, ask cook among dough add egg and candy rub evenly in addition, make into a big pancake, put on the stove and bake. The pancake is baked well for a moment, and then wrap with the cloth, went to court hurriedly.
Fang XianFu comes to the waiting room for officials, see that there has time, take pancake eat with green tea , pancake soft and sweet and fragrant, delicious very much. Colleague smell cake to be fragrant to overflow , swallow saliva ,some officer come to visit excessive to ask what pancake does he eat. And Fangxinfu dense to the feeling of homeland , said without thinking : "This is Xiqiao pancake. "after break up,Fangxinfu ask cook to make as the before method, make dozens of pieces pancake, take to the waiting room for officials while going to court the next day, give to the colleague and enjoy. Colleague take clicking the tongue praise pancake to be delicious, Xiqiao pancake good name been raised in court. Fangxinfu often order cook roast too , support himself take or entertain guests.

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