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Welcome to Foshan!
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Foshan Overview

Foshan lies in the south in Guangdong Province, the hinterland of Zhujiang River Delta, rest on in Guangzhou in the east , is next to Zhaoqing in the west, connecting with Zhuhai in the south, the north leads to Qingyuan, adjoins Hong Kong and Macro, the geographical position is very superior . The land is fertile , temperate in climate, the rainfall is sufficient , four seasons are evergreen. Is the subtropics monsoon humid climate, the average temperature of the whole year is 22. 1 ?. Rainfall amount 1600-2000 millimeter. The natural resources mainly has potter's clay , rock , sand of the glass , rare metal , pool fish , rice , sugarcane and fruit , flowers various in style ,etc. Foshan presently for the place level city, have jurisdiction over five districts in urban area of the Chancheng district, south sea area , Shunde district , Sanshui districts , Gaomin districts, the whole area is 3848.49 sq. km., the area of urban area (namely the Gaomin area ) is 153.69 sq. km. Population of the whole city is 3,359,800 ,permanent resident population more than 5,600,000, 800,800 people in the urban area (namely the Gaomin area ) at present.
Foshan is a cultural well-known city with a long history, has already been classified as one of the whole country ' four major famous towns ' as far back as the Ming and Qing times, always merchants gathered, the thing is smooth and suitable ; Foshan is the famous overseas Chinese hometown too, the overseas Chinese and Hong Kong and Macao Compatriot in Foshan of ancestral home are up to more than 1 million people, Hong Kong and Macao Compatriot are more than 600,000 among them.
Foshan still positive launches foreign activity among the local governments and folk friendly contact, promote economic trade and technological cooperation. At present already successively to tie for the friendship city with Japanese Iraq Dan city, the Mauritius Louis port city, the American Stockton city, France Nepali Wang province Psi male city and so on.

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