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Welcome to Foshan!
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The exhibition information in Foshan

Art festival of Asia

The seventh Asia art festival will be held in Foshan in mid-November of this year, this will be the first time hold in a prefecture-level city since founded by the art festival of Asia. Meanwhile, the cultural minister's forum of Asia and the ninth Guangdong Province art festival will be all held in Foshan.
This Asia art festival is sponsored together by national Ministry of Culture , the people's government of Guangdong Province, the municipal government of province cultural department , Foshan people's government.. this art festival of Asiasettle in Foshan , hold in a prefecture-level city for the first time since it is founded .Held in Foshan of the seventh Asia art festival, Not only because merely influential in Guangdong and Foshan economy, also because Guangdong has unique culture of south of the Five Ridges, Foshan is famous in the culture of south of the Five Ridges.
Foshan is the national historical cultural city, the society, economic development arrange before the whole country and still the rank nowadays. In recent years, Foshan has held a series of activities that have major impact. Having for instance undertaken for " the sixth Chinese Jinji Baihua Film Festival " in 1997, art festival of Guangdong opera and Joan that would hold in 2004 ,etc.The success hold of these activities, indicate Foshan has totally possessed the capability of succeeding in holding the national-level cultural and arts festivals.
The holding of this Asia art festival and cultural minister's forum of Asia, will promote the development of the cultural undertakings of Foshan and cultural industry greatly, promoted further that make Foshan build the strong city , culture well-known city and modernized big city of the industry.
This Asia art festival will hold for about 7 days, the main activity has 9 items; Invite art troupe about 20, quantity exceed in the past all previous; Performed the special show or the association by various countries of Asia, outstanding art troupe of the area 1 0 - 1 5 Taiwan drama , program, add up to about 25 times performances in five districts of the whole city.
This Asia art festival will take " government leading factor , communal participation , market operation " way raise and solve necessary funds of the activity, the various circles of society can participate in developing and spending the enormous business opportunity of the art festival contain actively .

2005 Guangdong welds and cuts the exhibition time of equipment (Foshan )

Time : The 9th - the 11th of December in 2005
Place : Exhibits centre of Chen village Shuande district of Foshan
Sponsor unit : Guangdong Province is it learn to weld, Guangdong Province space structure learn, Guangzhou city weld and learn, the mechanical engineering society of Foshan
The supports unit : The Foshan South China Sea silver welds technical limited company
Undertaking unit : The Foshan mechanical engineering academic society welds the specialized committee ,Foshan Chengzhan display service limited company
Adress : Guangdong Province Foshan Fuhua road 13# 1606 room Province : 528000
Telephone numbers : 0757-83284305, 83284325 , 83284335 faxes : 0757-83284326
E-mail :vip@cz-exhibition.com Contact person : Mr. Lin
Arrange exhibits time . The 7th - the 8th of December , 2005
Exhibition time : The 9th - the 10th of December 2005 . 9:30 a.m- 5:00 p.m.
Dismiss time : December 11 , 2005 3:30 - 10:00 p.m.

The second Foshan industrial exhibition of international pottery

Exhibition time : November 20--23rd 2005
Exhibition place : International sponsor of Convention and Exhibition Center of China of Foshan
Sponsor unit :The industrial association of Chinese pottery, Foshan people's government
The jointly unit : Foshan city Chancheng urban people's government , Chancheng area south village town people's government
The support unit : Ceramic association of Guangdong , Foshan pottery industrial association,ceramic association in the Chancheng area of Foshan
Undertaking unit : Exhibition content of China international exhibition Huaxia in Foshan
Exhibition content : The building pottery produces technical equipment, including raw materials : press machine, dry and constructing the glaze , kiln , mould ; The hygiene pottery produces technical equipment, including raw materials : Shaping , dry and constructing the glaze , kiln , mould ; The daily pottery produces the technical equipment; The ceramic hardware of hygiene and plastics one produce technical equipment; the art produces technical equipment; The pottery produces raw materials , chemical raw materials , color frit , mould material , refractory material ; Production technology and equipment , patent information , network that ceramic industry is correlated with.
Address :The third floor of Huaxia taoxin exhibition centre of Foshan city Chancheng area south village town
Telephone number : 0757-85320083/85392007/853150 05 fax. 0757-85320383/85392004
Contact persons : Mrs Pan 13543695591, Mr Liao 13590655779, Mr Li 13928636811
E-mail : China@chinachina.net

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