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Welcome to Foshan!
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Travel guide of Foshan

>>Grandfather in Foshan temple
Without going to grandfather's temple to been not to Foshan .Grandfather's temple lies in the urban area of Foshan of Guangdong Province, it is said that established (1078-1085 years ) during Yuanfeng year of Northern Song Dynasty, Consecrates huge emperor of the North who believed in Taoism, " north emperor's temple " of the name. Original building destroy by fire on last years in Yuan Dynasty , rebuild in Hongwu 5 (1372 year )year in Ming Dynasty, because " go through years old, and the head of all temples of Foshan " known as grandfather's temple .. the buildings is Composit in Wanfu fortune , Jingxiang pool, the Bell building and Drum Tower, before hall , main hall, Qingzhen building,etc. Before setting up local institution in Qing Dynasty, grandfather's temple was the place to handle the agendas of the local affairs, different in the general temple.casting, make pottery handicraft industry famous at the Foshan history, the product that is typical behavior in grandfather.temple Building 's exquisite to reflect ancient prosperity of Foshan while being magnificent. It is a precious legacy of history of Foshan. So, some foreign friends coming to visit are praised as grandfather's temple in the palace of the eastern folk art.

>>Liang Yuan
Liang Yuan is a general name of the residence garden of roof beam of Foshan, made up by a lot of colonies of such different places mainly as " 12 stone rooms " , " thatched cottage of groups of stars " , " Fen river thatched cottage " , " cold fragrant hall " ,etc. large-scale, the subject lies in the way pioneer of Xianfeng old road. Liang Yuan build up successively by poem calligraphy and painting Langgeru , Liangjiuzhang, Liangjiuhua and Liangjiutu four uncle and nephew people among in Jiaqing and Daoguang (1796-1850) years. Liang Yuan is one of the typical representatives of the garden of scholars of south of the Five Ridges in Qing Dynasty, its overall arrangement was wonderful, large house , ancestral hall become integrated with garden, the space change of " flower garden " of the south of the Five Ridges type comes out one after another, the style is graceful; The scene restricted to one pattern of landscaping group, pursue refined and light natural, for instance, It is like the graceful bearing of rural area of drawing and the poem; It is available to imbued with characteristic garden building ,all kinds of the type. Slim and graceful and penetrating ;The fruit wood makes a pleasant shade, flowers blooming like a piece of brocade in the garden, in addition, the crooked water goes back to the ring , loose dyke willow bank , form the peculiar sophisticated appeal of land of rivers and lakes of south of the Five Ridges; especially its strange stone in different poses and with different expressions, The ones that set up and make up free from philistinism but take the course of its own ingeniously , it is one of four major famous gardens in well-known Guangdong.

>>Zhongshan Park
Lying in the Fen rivers side of the urban area Northeast of Foshan, is a comprehensive park that incorporates recreation , amusement , propaganda , exhibition , popular science , diet into an organic whole. This garden was established in 1928, it was for commemorating Mr. Sun Yat-sen and commemorative park , and then being extended and reconstructed constantly, form the characteristic garden view with the wide water scenery and enrich afforesting.
The park has such nine major scenic spots as the having a rest area as Assign district , historical culture area , old activity region , lawn district , lake region , children's travelling area , animal's viewing and admire area , Various scenic areas arranged hsparsely and regular, fitting together.
The water plant district is constructed of the beginning of 2000 ,It is good at the Britain type natural mountains . rivers view , the flowing water of small bridge , hydrophilic stone and beach , sparse woods and meadow are fascinating . Lotuses , variety of water lily amount to 26 kinds in the district , put more than 80,000 carps of a variety of silk in a suitable place to breed, become the people's good destination of have vacation.

>>Temple of Renshou
The temple of Renshou, built it in 1935, lay in grandfather's temple way of urban area of Foshan now. It originates for Mihou then belong to the Chan, always the place that award and give up the rites for countryside door sons and younger brothers nearby of Foshan.In 1938 managed personally by Xuyun buddhist priest leaves blank the ceremony, the Ruyi pagoda quite has the characteristic, tower body take as seven octagonal Chinese tower, stud with Tibetan tablet horizontal inscribed board, The Ceramic red green degrees of mother Buddha image consecrates in pagoda is worked by Shiguanhua, Models by the famous expert Panyu.

>>Western Hills temple
Originally known as Guandi Temple , because built in the foot of a mountain of Western Hills in the county town (phoenix's mountain ) , so commonly called as Western Hills temple. Established in the 20th year of Jiajing in the Ming Dynasty (1541). Build by the mountain temple , face to the Northeast, subject building along axis ordinates line of mountain door, before hall , main hall enter two times, the whole area is about 6000 square meters. Mountain shop front have five richer, spine coherent to adorn with stone gulf sculpturing two-sided a series of paintings, story subject matter of«Romance of the Three Kingdoms». The surface top of lintel hangs "the Xishan temple" gold lacquer woodcarving vertical plaque at the same place,on the left and right sides is the Ceramic image of "two dragon last pearl " that build of by stone bay Wenyi Antang at the time of late Qing ,make " Wei ink seeks talent " for tile carving and Chinese unicorn , phoenix a series of paintings. Nearby the gate is hanging the gold lacquer woodcarving antithetical couplet: "Wish it to often give birth to the good person; Wish people to often do good deeds ".
The previous hall and main hall are hard mountaintop, lift roof beam and wear door drop in the mixed style truss structure. Main hall hide eaves board decorated with flowers and plants , personage wood carving ,etc. , enclose dragon shape decorate the corner fight basket. Principal column of a hall post have round with the proper method, materials have wood have stone, cubic meter of stone make bamboo joint shape , prism , round ,etc. decorate more by the post. Stone base of column is it cover record , melon distracted , square , door shape ,etc. The round post of main hall has the 21st year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1895 ) to carve and unite the language couple: "The vein of the earth accuses of three cities, hang on to have holy god to function as the town long; The Supreme Being heart exceed through the ages, looks partial to and spread one's fame from benefit also ". Main hall both sides are Goddess of Mercy hall and arhat's hall respectively. All look like expression differently, the craft is consummate and vivid. The top of the wall in the temple, decorated the moulds a series of paintings with characteristic of land of rivers and lakes of Zhujiang River Delta , " ride the waves by kingfisher " , " Taipin to look far into the distance " of works, all exception ancient to catch the spirit; And " last longevity groups of celestial being ", " last sea the Eight Immortals ", " produce not imprisonning I ", " form justice of peach garden ", " give thousand li to sister-in-law ",and so stone gulf sculpturing a series of paintings works at wall, make people eye flaw connect , so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return furthermore.

>>Qinghui garden
Lie in Shunde city Daliang town Qinghui road, called Guangdong four major famous gardens with Foshan LiangYuan , Fanyu shady mountain room , Dongguan Kegarden, it is provincial historic reservation units. This Garden to build for end of Ming Dynasty champion originally by Huangshijun.In Qianlong Year of Qing Dynasty, buy by doctorate's Longyinshi. Thereafter, built meticulously by several generations of Long , wooden Tsing-Hua of water in the garden, the view is quiet and tastefully laid out, the green water , green tree , stone and mountain , small bridge and pavilions, terraces and open halls are merged mutually, the model constructs and shows ingenuity, the flowers and fruit are Luxuriant meets the eye on every side, the pitch of the artistic fine works is collected promptly, Gathers building , garden , carving , poem drawing , art that the dust is carved in an organic whole, show ancient garden of our country protruding that the characteristics of " the hero , strange , dangerous , deep and remote , There are main beauty spot :ship drawing rooms , thatched cottage of green small stream , ChenYi pavilion, Liujiao pavilion , cherish overcast study , bamboo garden ,Douhole , pen is it spend hall , Guiji hut, little to fluffy Ying , red Qu study room, phoenix come peak , Duyun pavilion,Muyin gorge ,Liufen gorge.

>>Bao Lin temple
Shuande city south suburb Daliang town have one large-scale, splendid temple, set off it in the mountain valley growing green and fresh. Here the sounth have Daqi mountain like Green Dragon dance , the north have Tiger Mountain like the white tiger illegally occupy, it is depending on Taipin mountain,on there will be Shenbu tower.The occupation of land amounts to 200,000 square meters in the whole temple . The Guipan river flow through under mountain like one jade belt, southwest beside the Desheng sea , beautiful scenery

>>Grandfather's temple in Xu river
It is also called grandfather's temple of reed bud. The grandfather stands with dragon slope mountain, faces the north rivers, it is a Confucianism of Taoism, Confucianism,Buddhism that teaches the temple unified three, region build in the period of Jiading the Southern Song Dynasty, history was long , Enjoys the great reputation, make a name inside the province, overseas.
Temples regard north emperor's temple as the main temple between two parties, there is Goddess of Mercy in temples on the left, temples of Wenchang in right, extend and rebuild many times in successive dynasties, the last rebuilding of the 14th year of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty (1888 ). Although have experienced various vicissitudes of life, not only sculpturing , mural painting , wood carving , tile carving , stone engraving ,etc. are decorated in the temple, still magnificent and colourful, especially the pottery moulding type of " play pearl of one pair of dragons " of the spine north emperor's hall is beautiful , coloured and dazzling. North emperor temple have one ancient well , claim " Jinsha holy moon " , build by reply for one law symbol people of Fuan . This temple is rebuilt by past dynasties enlargement, the scale is greater and greater, the imposing manner is grand . Front is Mahavira Temple, the left side is the six grandfathers hall , the right side is Dizang hall , cover an area of more than 900 square meters. The past dynasties Buddhist monk mixes aerobics and sees medicine here, the achievement is evident, have made this temple enjoy a widespread reputation, grow prosperity for the moment.

>>The peach garden travel resort of the southern part of the country
Travel resort of peach garden of the southern part of the country derives from«writing in the Peach Garden»to Tao Yuanming. The peach garden of the southern part of the country is people's Far from the Madding Crowd of modern city , come back to the natural best Promised Land. There is no car and horse noise and excitement here, there is no air pollution; Some here, it is people that empty worries happy inspiration of feeling, it is people that exceed free from philistinism clever and unreal.
It takes up an area of 6 sq. km. , It is 12 kilometers from Guangzhou , Foshan and urban area of the South China Sea. This district is made up of a lot of low hillocks, the green vegetation is more than 90%, hearts are all over planting in the district, the trees make a pleasant shade, birds gambol on the branches of tall trees, the fish swims at the shallow bottom. Facilities of beauty spot and travel now built are as follows: Goddess of Mercy of the South China Sea, field operations club , rural club , recreation club , golf garden ,etc.

>>Golden Beach
Golden Beach, " Hawaii " of the South China Sea, one have a beautiful natural scenery and tour center of the rustic charm alone, lying in on the ait of the town north river midstream and downstream in Jinsha of the South China Sea city, the traffic is very convenient . The green water surrounds in the island, the wide sandy beach is gentle and agreeable and flat and vast, clean and cool river water, make you play heartily, like returning to the feeling of nature, so the name say that " chases waves in Jinsha ", tens thousands of visitors celebrate bright time here every year. Golden Beach nearly 50 luxuriant forest among the bamboo, set up roasting especially, people roasted meat fragrant carefully. There are recreational facilities of cleaning the graceful gold coast hotel , shooting range , running in the parking lot , Karaoke disc dancing hall etc., all available. At night in Jinsha, the star light glimmers , on the wide green fungus field , spreading dozens of villas distinct in style, the simple and unsophisticated log cabin and the tents of hundreds of rooms of color spot billows, it was warm and fresh and cool that visitors enjoyed nature . Golden Beach enjoyed the rustic charm roasted for you, the night of a rural area poesy has passed, also enjoy the temperament and interest of the modern life .

>>The TV & Film City of the South China Sea of CCTV
It is the one of the bases of CCTV four major movies & TV produce, takes up an area of 100 hectares, lie in the town of Songgang of the South China Sea of Guangdong Province. The TV & Film City geographical position of the South China Sea is superior , easily accessible. Here beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, the with the pure and fresh air, artificial destruction and ideal shooting and excursion center that pollute in natural conditions. It is the place that natural condition not artificial destructed and polluted ideal photography and the tour paradise. in the Zhujiang Delta.
Divided into three major scenic spot and a performance area at present, every part includes a lot of beauty spots again. The slope and slow hill here are low, layer of forest pile is green, lake-light ripples , the mountain color is fresh, the style is graceful, interesting and Splendid, grand in Royal Palace here, simple and unsophisticated and refined , picturesque in the land of rivers and lakes. Each building of period concentrate historical orbit of annual ring , reflect brilliance of Chinese building.
The travel resort of west bank lies in the southwest border area of the South China Sea, face across the river with the mountain of Xiqiao, made up of hole scenic spot of Qingyun , silver lake scenic spot and lion's mountain range Forest Park. West bank not only peaks and ridges border, the high peaks rising in emerald verdure, the waterfall flies to and flows, suffused with the silver in the mountain stream, but is well-known at home and abroad by the hole of Qingyun of ancient view . " centenarian village " of district with instance their , declare true essence that Taoism " advocate naturally , return Chinese and foreign visitor to return really , attain the Way the long life ".

>>The Danzao celestial lake travel resort
Travel resort of celestial lake of Danzao lies in the Danzao town of the South China Sea. according to legend ,master of Taoism Ge Hong and acupuncture and moxibustion BaoGu condone and hand in visiting definitely at the Eastern Han Dynasty , avoid the mountain forest, come here to make pills of immortality and cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine in pairs and gain the name. There are weekend homes in the district, golf course , international shooting range , yacht centre ,etc. Go boating on the lake, the bluish white wind is clear, the only purple air of haze , gladdening the heart and refresh the mind, visitors have it in the sense of fluffying Ying sea on the mountain.

>>South Guangdong emerald Xiqiao
South of the mountains Guangdong famous mountain is belong to two firewood, This is the comments that ancient to the east(Luo Fushan ) and west firewood mountain . The mountain of Xiqiao is not only the national-level scenic spot, but it is the national Forest Park and provincial travel resort. The form like ancient mountain that lotus flower compound, mountain have lake, lake there are mountains, water is in the mountain, the mountain is in water, it is the party hometown of people's happy in water and mountain. Main scenic spot as follows: white cloud hole scenic spot , jasper hole scenic spot , green rock scenic spot , Goddess of Mercy of the South China Sea cultural garden , yellow immortal holy garden , large lake park ,scenic spot of rock and swallow of stone etc.

>>Kang Youwei hometown
Kang Youwei has spent his teenage in the homeland, leaves his numerous relics in the South China Sea,. " the South China Sea Mr's Kang Youwei emerged in the Su 's of the South China Sea in 1858. He becomes literate at two years old, reads poems at five years old, six years old is studied, ten years old genus gentle, it grows to be but clever and quick , little to succeed early while being intelligent, know and discuss high and strange , talent is harsh and unreasonable definitely. At the age of 17, go to " mountain thatched cottage of the gift " to study three years, train patriotic thought and " is it use to manage by generation " is it advocate to pursue scholarly work; And then enter three lake academies of white cloud and hole on the mountain of Xiqiao to teach himself again, in deep and serene white cloud and hole, defend the wind and thunder fermenting roaring Wuxu forward !

>>Huang Feihong lion skill Wushu hall
It is lie in Huang Feihong's birthplace - -The Ludan village under the mountain of Xiqiao of the South China Sea, the building is unique, has ancient architectural style of latter stage of Qing Dynasty. In order to carry forward Huang Feihong's noble military Germany's medical ethics , built Wushu hall of Huang Feihong's lion's skill in 1996. Assign Huang Feihong former residence in the hall ; Huang Feihong display the movie & TV room in relics; Sesame forest hall of the treasure; Acupuncture and tuina-massage; Hall of bone traumatology; One hundred thatched cottages; the museum of GuanDexing; Its auxiliary facility has the great teachers of " ten tigers of Guangdong " of martial arts circles to look like the pavilion; Huang Feihong park; Time, such traditional projects as dance dragon , the dance lion ,etc., perform in (morning regularly 10: 00- - 4 p.m.: 00 o'clock), attract numerous visitors at home and abroad to appreciate. There is Huang Feihong TV & Film City, Huang Feihong Wushu school, Huang Feihong Wushu village.
In nearly half a century, province , Hong Kong , Macao area shoot movie & TV film of Huang Feihong collect more than 100, Hong Kong famous actor among them imprison Dexing Mr. act in person and movie & TV that shoot collect 77; Li Lianjie and ZhaoWenzhuo etc superstar of acrobatic fighting , also demonstrate Huang Feihong's elegance generation definitely. Huang Feihong's name enjoys great prestige in the world, the masters of a generation of martial arts circles are revered deeply by common people.
Wushu hall of Huang Feihong's lion's skill is with its historical great reputation, graceful environment, brand-new service facility, warmly welcome the arrival of visitors and personages of martial arts circles all sides!

>>The scenic spot of white cloud hole of mountain of Xiqiao
Enjoys the mountain of Xiqiao of the good reputation of " south famous mountain of Guangdong ", located in the southwest within the territory of Guangdong Province Zhujiang River Delta hinterland the South China Sea, 40 kilometers from the urban area of Guangzhou, it is a beautiful conditions and customs picture scroll of Zhujiang River Delta, a dark green emerald in the mountains and rivers in the south of the Five Ridges.
The hole scenic spot of white cloud lies in the northwest hill foot on the mountain, is one of the 36 holes of mountain of Xiqiao, the summarization known as mountain scenic spot of Xiqiao, it is saying" pull into one's arm Xiqiao, should visit white cloud ", past dynasties , scholar , black serving leave white cloud and hole the abundant cultural relics and historic sites ,such as three lake academy, mere floor , Yunquan hall , white cloud ancient temple and inscriptions on precipices of Ming and Qing Dynasties, among them " cloud and waterfall of Xiqiao " had already been classified as " one of the eight scenes in Guangzhou " in Qing Dynasty.

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