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Welcome to Foshan!
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The special features of Foshan

Foshan is one of four major famous town of China ancient times, developed famous for home and abroading for the handicraft industry. The folk art with exquisite technology has a long history, according to legend it is comes from the Ming Dynasty , have strong local characteristics , well-known always.
The folk art of Foshan, differ from one another. It is through tactics of cutting , carving , Pu, moulding , pitching , casting , painting , glueing etc., make out appearing paper-cut , pitch making , color lamp , autumn scenery (including paperPu, sculpture, carve, glue building, casting moulding etc.), wood engraving picture, calligraphy and painting, etc. art of several dozen kinds .Folk art of Foshan, well received by masses for its local colour .

>>The stone gulf pottery art
because of the development of handicraft industry and commerce of Foshan, bring up much skillful craftsman, so here has a lot very famous handicraft. Such as stone gulf artistic pottery and porcelain. Stone gulf that pottery enjoy " stone gulf tile , first all over the world " to claim. Stone gulf sculpturing history is remote , take the place of and serve as a link for the actor, the fine piece of writing always, the shape god combines with vivid. like the living one .Stone gulf already reveal cook pottery historical pagein the Neolithic Age later period pottery. After Han Dynasty, copper daily necessities were mostly substituted by the pottery, drove the progress of the pottery art, make pottery form the independent handicraft industry, it becomes the goods that the pottery The production of the artistic pottery of stone and gulf started in the Tang Dynasty. Hemera such as pottery in Song Dynasty, whole consumption fashion of society promote unprecedented development of ceramics. Engaged in spreading all over the country in kilns where the pottery is made. The glaze color of Song Dynasty is far more abundant than the former generation too in variety. After Ming Dynasty, the kind and subject matter are extensive gradually , fishing, firewood, ploughs, reads, herds, grand, drinks, the musical instrument , swims , play and even striking mosquitoes , scratching where it itches , digging such common people's daily work as the ear ,etc. , scene of life, such things that common people are familiar with as all kinds of birds and flowers worm's fish , wild animal's domestic animal and vegetables melon and fruit ,etc., and Bodhidharma arhat , Goddess of Mercy , elderly person for whom a birthday celebration is being held , Jigong , the Eight Immortals , Zhong Kuei , Guangong and such common people are familiar with and immortal personage and historical personage , get the true and vivid behavior in stone gulf sculpturing art, praise loyal and Critic seduce , support jealous and evil bad men, ask to pray for blessingsing to demote , respecting the old and loving the young and so on that catch the spirit for moral concept of common people and social attitude gulf sculpturing get embodiment among the art in stone and gulf . So call stone gulf sculpturing subject matter "it is call one encyclopaedia with concentrate folk culture of China " .

>>The paper-cut of Foshan
Paper-cut of Foshan has a long history, comes from Song Dynasty, developed in the period of Ming and Qing. The paper-cut of Foshan has already had a special trade produced in a large amount from Ming Dynasty, the products have been sold to the middle and southern , southwest province, and have a good sale in various countries of Nan Yang.
Foshan paper-cut make have copper line , paper line with , copper write , silver write , big class , chromatography of woodcut and digging , pure color , copper respectively, etc according to their raw materials and method. Ancient, paper-cut main use ornament, decorate ,carve the pattern ,product brand ,etc. embroider to offer sacrifices, festival of gift. With the development of society, on the Foshan traditional basis , paper-cut with its composition rigorous, strong decorate, exquisitely carved graceful , splendid characteristic of decorating etc. , what a way characterized by reflecting the subject matter of the life of era , to open traditional artistic innovation, relatively representative in art of the paper-cut of our country. The colorful and colourful folk custom of Foshan has promoted the development of paper-cut , the development the paper-cut craft , enrich folk custom of Foshan with the local characteristic .

>>The art of light color of Foshan pitches and makes
Color lamp, Foshan is called the light color folkly. Pitch make the three-dimensional model regard person ageas the target as animals and plants , pavilions, terraces and open halls ,etc. Foshan folk art study designs the manufacture the lamp color is a Chinese tradition lamp color art main school , Has the Jiangnan characteristic of beautiful of exquisite traditionally call " the light color of Foshan ", Shi Zhi in period of Ming and Qing records in detail early.
The Foshan lamp color grips does mainly after material of thin bamboo strip, iron wire manually grips ,takes shape glues on assorted silk cotton material, lace, the color ear, matches the design unique on the lining of "the Foshan paper-cut" of Foshan.or various kinds of pattern of painting on silk. Foshan light color is make art at traditional foundation , develop to innovate constantly , style and variety rich and colorful, and is moved towards square art by original indoor art , is moved towards the scale association by the individual works, characteristic is to build worker tradition but being novel , model overstate but from real , exquisitely carved making Engineer to be meticulous, daytime is beautiful and colorful in colour , open and transparent and on , splendid at night.
Light color and Zhazuo of Foshan folk art study are often invited to exhibit abroad every year , well received by foreign people from all walks of life. The artistic fine works exhibited, once three times listed in complete collections of the first in the world record of Guiness. among the celebration of return to motherland , Foshan light color show China outstanding traditional elegance of culture and arts to world in an all-round way.

>>Foshan folk Huipi
It is have another name of dust mould , commonly called as wall body draw , is one of to criticize building decorative art, contents are mostly mountains and rivers , flowers , birds and beasts , personage , calligraphy ,etc.. Huipi criticize craft to be meticulous, make lime sculpture model at building, form of expression have multi-layer type " three-dimensional " Huipi, relief " half ups and downs " Huipi, pursue the carving type individual model " the single body Huipi" etc. The multi-layer three-dimensional Huipi is the most difficultly.
Foshan and area of the South China Sea , Shuande , Fanyu, all like to use the wall body paintings building decoration among the people. General local-style, approve the wall body painting beautification as paint in the top of lintel, the window frame, the gable peak, the eaves tile keel models . take to help to paint with dwelling houses, volume , window frame , spine , top of gable and tile of eave go to Huipi wall body is it is it to mould in door.
Besides local-style , paying special attention to art of Citang and temple Huipi in Foshan , the South China Sea , Shuande and other places , often regard mythology , history or opera story , personage , animal as the subject matter, have taking birds and beasts as subject matter " five Ling " too, for instance phoenix , peacock , pheasant , tiger , lion , Chinese unicorn ,etc.

>>The wood engraving picture in Foshan
It is firstly appears in the Yongle Year of Ming Dynasty, having a history of more than 500 years, " Ci hai " is written: "The wood engraving picture in Foshan is one of the folk New Year pictures of our country, and a famous folk wood engraving picture in South China, gain the name because produce it in Foshan Town of Guangdong . "The New Year picture of Foshan uses the red lead , gold to strengthen the ornament result of the picture silverily, red colour specification joyous lucky, and red lead the place where famous in Foshan the local product. New Year picture with red orange yellow getting green color come chromatography, suit of armour , robe take decorations paint pattern line kind of gold and silver in personage, make the statue drawn and shown even more splendidly.
The custom of putting up the New Year picture on the Spring Festival is long-standing . In before Ming year, people put multi-purpose stone engraving tiger and lion in front of door about, in order to show demonstrate and get rid of evils. Since rising the New Year picture, people begun to put up the Spring Festival couplet ,wave spring and door to draw after twenty four on the twelfth month, foke called as sticking to door god among the people , lead a happy family life in order to get rid of evils.
Foshan door picture output is pass by 1 million annual a long time , people like it in urban and rural areas . After 1966, the New Year picture of Foshan was upbraided as " feudalistic superstition product " and stopped producing. Resumed production after 1975, for export mainly. Now, urbanite put up door draw vulgar more and more little. and suburbs and every county countryside still deposit and stick to the door to draw vulgarly. In addition, the casting industry of Foshan is long-standing , China and foreign countries are well-known . It is embroidered that there is Foshan, Zhazuo etc., all these are famous handicrafts in Foshan.

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